Ayurvedic books Flow to Balance

Recommended Ayurvedic books

Ayurvedic Cooking books:
Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing - Vasant Lad
Ayurveda Cooking for Beginners - Laura Plumb
East by West - Jasmine Hemsley (ook in het nederlands)

Ayurveda books for beginners:
Ayurveda - The Science of Self-Healing (A practical guide) - Vasant Lad
't Went zo'n element - Tessa Gottschal
Ayurveda vanuit het Hart - Lies Ameeuw

Ayurvedic teas by Flow to Balance Ayurveda

Recommeded Ayurvedic teas according to your body type

Ayurvedic Teas Vata can favor:
Ajwan, Chamomile, Clove, Comfrey, Elder Flower, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Fenugreek, Ginger (fresh), Lavender, Lemon grass, Licorice, Marshmallow,  Oat straw, Orange peel, Peppermint, Rosehips, Saffron, Sage, 
Spearmint, Strawberry.

Ayurvedic Teas Pitta can favor:

Alfalfa, Barley, Blackberry, Borage, Burdock, Catnip, Chamomile, Chicory, Comfrey, Coriander seeds, Dandelion, Fennel, Ginger (fresh), Hibiscus, Hops, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon balm, Lemon grass, Licorice, Marshmallow, Nettle, Oat Straw, Passion flower, Peppermint, Raspberry, Red clover, Spearmint, Strawberry, Violet, Wintergreen, Yarrow.

Ayurvedic Teas Kapha can favor:

Alfalfa, Barley, Blackberry, Burdock, , Chamomile, Chicory, Cinnamon, Clove, Comfrey*, Dandelion, Fennel*, Fenugreek, Ginger, Ginseng*, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Juniper berry, Lavender, Lemon balm, Lemon grass, 
Nettle, Passion flower, Peppermint, Raspberry, Red clover, Spearmint, Strawberry,Wintergreen
Yarrow, Yerba Mate.

Ayurvedic recipes by Flow to Balance Ayurveda

Ayurvedic recipes

Ayurvedic Breakfast recipes:
Breakfast oats - 5 ways (never have raw fruits with anything else. You can skip all added mollases or maple syrup, especially if your Kapha is high. You can replace vegetable milks with plain water.
Eggless omelette with chickpea (gram) flour

Ayurvedic Lunch/ Dinner recipes:
Kitchari 1 
Kitchari 2 (please soak rice and mung beans overnight!)
Coriander& Mint Chutney for Pitta's in the summer 

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